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Last updated: November 20 2022.

BI – O

SONICrider (Jurgen Winkel) is a producer, musician, artist & performer from the South of The Netherlands.

Jurgen started as a musician – playing the machinery – of the band BLIND an underground electro-rock band during the late eighties and nineties.

Blind Live Tour 1994

Beside being member of BLIND Jurgen started a mobile 24 channel studio making live recordings for (inter)national bands; his passion for sound engineering was born which is still a skill that can be heard in nowadays releases.

Currently creating electronic music based on analog sounds producing all kinds of styles – always with an experimental/industrial touch: during a performance the audience will be guided through a world of sound (& vision when possible).

The main sounds sources are modular instruments, DIY controllers/instruments and hardware. These “instruments” are highly suitable creating sound (and scores) for movies, visuals and art projects.

Wheel as controller using Koma “Kommander”

The SONICriderSTUDIO – based on the SONICrider gear – is a space where workshops/lessons in synthesis & sounddesign are organized, musician are coached in their journey finding the sound that fits their artistic personality, collaborations with musician take place and releases are recorded, mixed & mastered.

SONICrider/Jurgen is initiator/organizer of modular events in Eindhoven and The Netherlands.

Jurgen is initiator/organizer of the official Ableton User Group Eindhoven NL (aka AUGE), events are organized in the SONICriderSTUDIO (limited visitors).

S – O – U – N – D – S

(some examples of different styles – the release can be “independent” or via a label)

LABIRINT | Single | SONICrider | z0 (z0records)

An ambient – industrial track painting thoughts.

More about “LABIRINT” check this post…

ELAPSUS | Album | SONICrider | Cyclical Dreams

A story about escaping behavior “ELAPSUS” (a 19 track album covering many styles).

More about “ELAPSUS” check this post…

Naked | Single | SONICrider | Melting Clock Records

A techno like track with a atmospheric start/end.

More about “Naked” check this post…

V – I – D – E – O – S

(studio/virtual session recorded at the SONICriderSTUDIO, some are movie score like – a selection)

Moog Matriarch Inventio

(Inventio is the start of the Moog Matriarch exploration)

A live studio session using the Moog Matriarch for the first time.

More about “Inventio” check this post…

112 MOOD | Single | SONICrider | Independent

(112 MOOD is a drone that translates feelings into music)

A live studio session using the ADDAC 112 = a looper/granular module.

More about “112 MOOD” check this post…

Soma Lyra 8 “Odyssey Complex”

(A combination of the SOMA LYRA 8 & an ARP ends in an experimental Odyssey)

A live studio session using the LYRA 8 & ARP.

More about Soma Lyra 8 “Odyssey Complex”check this post…

V – I – S – U – A – L – S

(visuals and sound by SONICrider – a selection)

KONFUZION | Single | SONICrider | Independent

(A visual about “avoid” news, the score became a single later on_

How we nowadays “read” the news and what news does to us.

More about KONFUZION and the paper about “aviod news, check this post

Ornament aL Un Con Scious

(Unconsciousness visualized with score)

Vision and sound from somewhere deep.

More about the Ornament aL Scious project, check this post…

A – R – T – P – R – O – J – E – C – T – S

(collaborating a selection)

Drop Of Light | Gijs van Bon

(SONICrider does live sound design supporting the installation “Drop Of Light” by artist Gijs van Bon)

Started at GLOW 2021 Eindhoven, recently a UK tour in Leeds & Blackpool, more to come.

Live sound design at Glow 2021

More about Drop Of Light, check this post…

The Sound Of Silence | Henri van Nuenen

(SONICrider paints sounds during the exhibition of graphic art by Henri van Nuenen)

Live set up during event.

More about The Sound Of Silence, check this post…

SONICrider created sounds for several dance, theater, movie, visual, art & music project.

L – O – G – O

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The SONICrider logo comes with or without “SONICrider”. Although the logo with SONICrider suggest that it are 2 words, in writing it is one word “SONICrider“, where SONIC is in capitals.

P – I – C – T – U – R – E – S

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L – I – N – K – S

All links SONICrider has to offer via LINKtree (socials, music, visuals, collabs, etc)

This Electronic Press kit is available as a download containing high resolution images and links towards the features music and visuals: get it here (use EPK as subject).