Blind & Hardheadedsoul Live Tour 1994

BLIND was in the late ’80 an Industrial-electro-rockband from Eindhoven NL & toured between 1985 and 1995 in Europa and played on many festivals.

Blind released various songs (tape, record, CD and compilation): recently they recorded 2 new tracks.

BLIND touched several political subjects in words, music & visuals: on their Youtube channel you can watch some (live) videos.

Oscar Salome – vocals & video-art
Jurgen Winkel/SONICrider – programming/machinery

Recorder directly on DAT 1994 by BLIND @ Burgers Eindhoven The Netherlands.

Recorded directly on DAT 1992 by BLIND @ Burgers Eindhoven The Netherlands – Engineered by Pidah & BLIND @ 2B ‘5 sterren studio’ Eindhoven

Recorded: December 12 2015 at SONICriderSTUDIO Netherlands – Vocals recorded in a “live style” – Mixed and Mastered at SONICriderSTUDIO Netherlands – Released: December 20 2015.

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