Modulab Eindhoven organizes electronic music events surrounding modular synthesizers and DIY instruments. While we focus on modular synthesizer performances, we welcome any related music performances featuring self-built, experimental and traditional instruments. We strongly encourage our artists to collaborate with other artists at our events. The outcome is, more often than not, an unusual interaction between artists and attendants.

We love modular gear setups. The individual parts of the modular synthesizer resemble the building blocks of sound, and eventually music. By connecting these building blocks with wires, carrying electrical signals, we can control and influence the creation and evolvement of sound into something spectacular. The results can be dreamy, confronting, entrancing or something indescribable even.

At our events, we present artists that bring their extended modular setups for a visual, tactile and aural experience. We feel that live modular synthesis is a unique art form that can be fun and exciting to experience. With Modulab Eindhoven we want to provide a platform in our region to support this art form so that both artists and audience can enjoy.

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The team: Leon van Bokhorst / Allard Krijger / Jurgen Winkel