LSDice is a live techno act by Pulse505 & SONICrider.

Pulse 505 (David Sullivan) base are Roland MC 505’s which he masters with the deepest skills possible. David started in a band playing bass, beside creating music he is a mastering engineer.

SONICrider (Jurgen Winkel) , artist, producer, musician & performer has a track record starting in the late eighties as member of BLIND an electro punk band . Nowadays SONICrider performs live with modular gear, light and visuals.

After 2 studio sessions & one try out at De Sociale Dienst during a Modulab Eindhoven event LSDice has entered space.

“Live techno (made with hardware gear), lights & visuals” in one set gives you industrial – ambient – experimental – techno that makes you move…..

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Since LSDice works with hardware some time and space is required in order to do a performance: please contact us about the event you’re planning so we can discuss the options that suites best. Thanks!!