Drop Of Light | Glow 2021 | Gijs van Bon

In a darkened room, a succession of droplets falls from an array of nozzles six meters above. Spattering noises accompany the first flashes of light in mid-air as UV lasers hit the streams of liquid. A soundscape swells…..

…sometimes ominous at other times cheerful, as intangible light transforms into illusory orchestrations of three-dimensional shapes that gradually expand, contract or sweep through the dark space.

SONICrider did 8 x 4,5 live performance using modulars, hardware and DIY instrument supporting this unique “Drop Of Light” project by Gijs van Bon & ASML.

While preparing the soundscape it was obvious that playing live would give the best connection between the drop(s) and sound.

Drop Of Light
Gijs Van Bon

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