LSDice “Davizion meets SONICrider”

When you add ambient – techno – experimental sounds made by 2 MC 505’s – modular synths & other hardware you get LSDice.

David Sullivan (aka Davizion) and Jurgen Winkel (aka SONICrider) go back a long time. Davizion played on SONICrider “Welcome To The New World” release party, they both played on “Strijp-S” festival in Eindhoven and David Sullivan did a MC 505 demonstration at a Ableton User Group Eindhoven event.

Some time ago they did a studio session at SONICriderSTUDIO and felt that their musical vibes matched in an inspiring way….. So they started a collaboration with the goal to do a live gig (or more) combining 2 MC 505’s – modular synths & other hardware. The first 2 sessions worked out fine: creating the foundation of the LSDice style. The next session(s) adding sounds & atmosphere and records some tunes.

While working on the fundament a name came up LSDice ==> L = Listen  S = SONICrider D = Davizion ice = in case of emergency. “Mutation” could be the name of the first recordings, who knows… LSDice does!

To be continued!

Davizion on Soundcloud
SONICrider on Soundcloud
Daviszion-SONICrider studio session “Fragments
Davizion at Ableton User Group Eindhoven event