Loudness War and LUFS

SONICriderSTUDIO supports the Loudness War: so the master you received from SONICriderSTUDIO (or any other mastering studio) “doesn’t sound loud”, don’t worry, be happy! The master you received is processed according to the new LUFS standard.

LUFS stand for “loudness units relative to full scale” and is all about the new dynamic approach. SONICriderSTUDIO is happy with this approach that became a requirement for broadcasting music: dynamics are more important as loudness.

While mastering SONICriderSTUDIO uses tools (Lcast & Perception by meterplugs) to obtain the perfect LUFS balance throughout a track, album or project. When a master is to loud compression will kill the dynamics when broadcasted or listened via iTunes, Spotify & MP3 players.

Since LUFS and the Loudness War are in some way technical subjects a visual explanation can help understanding this area of mastering.

The last video points out that the new dynamic approach is not a hype, it soon will be (in US & Europe it already is) a requirement for all broadcasted music!

Happy mastering!!

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