Imaginary Peace Radar | Pre-recorded | April 2 2022

Imaginary Peace Radar

A pre-recorded track for Wonder Valley Experimental 14 festival.


April 2 2022 virtual | April 3 2022 live (Palms Restaurant)


Check “Wonder Valley Experimental 14” Facebook page.

Line up:

Amongst many other artists SONICrider “shows” an arrangement “Imaginary Peace Radar”.

Organized by:

Phog masheeen purveyors of sonic experiments and retina-burning visuals.

About “Imaginary Peace Radar”

When I was invited a second time at the Wonder Valley Experimental to contribute a performance/visuals I had a clear idea what to do not knowing the world would change dramatically: the war between Russia and Ukraine. I had to do something with this black page in the European history.

As a musician I have friends in both countries, since a year I work almost hand in hand with some Ukraine guys.

Feeling sad about what is going on and knowing it will take time before the situation has settled down. I listened John Lennon’s “Imagine” and the words:

…..all the people
Livin’ life in peace”

kept repeating in my head. The idea for “Imaginary Peace Radar” was born.

Using the ADDAC 112 as “heart” of the arrangement I played several layers one by one:
– A radio sound searching stations receiving noise most of the time.
– A rhythm played on a cymbal.
– A dark sound as background.
– The “112 MOOD” sound as the mood (since it fits perfectly) played in a different way.
– John Lennon’s “Imagine….”
– John Lennon’s “Livin’ life in peace”

While recording the layers, feeling the mood I had a vision for the visual part of “Imaginary Peace Radar”: a sort of dream with peaceful dancing, flowers, peace protest, flower power, radars, clouds, etc.

When the festival is over the soundtrack will be available via Bandcamp (a link to the festival stream right here below).


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