Drop Of Light | Blackpool 2022 | Live video

Take an idea by Gijs van Bon, translate this idea into code, add some live music, put the outcome in a dark venue, invite audience to experience, a dream, a fairy tale……..

Modular Live set up Blackpool UK 2022

October 2022 the installation “Drop Of Light” was part of the light festival in Leeds and Blackpool.

It was nice to surprise so many visitors with Drop Of Light… can’t wait for a sequel.

These recordings, done with a Handy, give an idea of what it was like to experience it live.

The sound recordings are not optimal, but they do show the beautiful fusion of the sound of the drops, the visitors and the music.

‘Drop Of Light” will evaluate bringing the idea, code and music as close as possible.

Drop Of Light Live at Blackpool UK 2022


Glow 2021 – the start of the “Drop Of Light” experience.


Drop Of Light
Gijs Van Bon