Timelessness | Single | SONICrider | Modular404

A new Belgium strictly modular label Modular404 released the SONICrider single Timelessness.

Release date:
July 24 2018 (on all major music platforms)




Experimental Electronic

SONICrider (Jurgen Winkel)

Cover photo:
SONICrider (Jurgen Winkel)

About Modular404

“Dedicated to modular synthesizer music”

  • Modular404 wants to offer you a selection of great modular music, to make you enjoy sounds you’ve never heard before.
  • All tracks produced in realtime with modular synthesizers
  • Computers used only for recording and mastering
  • Track length: 404 seconds

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About Timelessness

“The earth has time enough and will survive all species that’s for sure: one specific specie lives timelessness as if nothing matters. But it does!”

An experimental electronic track 100% analog arrangement.

“I recorded live in one take – 5 versions of the “TIMELESSNES” arrangement as a stereo recording (Mackie 1604 VLZ pro into Ableton via UAD Apollo).

Mastering with Softube Console 1 Solid State Logic SL 4000 emulation and LUFS metering obtaining a -14,1 LUFS.

After mastering and listening the 5 version 3 are favs: those 3 shared with friends, musicians & modular404 to select the final version.”

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