The Isolation Sessions

April 2 2020 – as the world is in a sort of locked down status – The Effenaar invited Modulab Eindhoven to do a live session for the streaming event “The Isolation Sessions

Since FRAKnoise had to cancel it suddenly became a solo performance by SONICrider – had to reset my mind a bit – and played tunes with the Modulab Eindhoven approach as starting point “Liberating Electronic Music”.

“It was an unique experience working with a fine crew/team maintaining safe distance! it was cool to leave the studio, hit the road and perform.”

The live video is out there on Facebook (streaming video): this is the complete stream with a 8 minutes radio noise as intro. Or check the video that start when the first tunes were mixed with the radio noise.

Live at the Effenaar Eindhoven Netherland April 2 2020

Hope to see you soon out there “take care & stay save”.