The next chapter in the SOMA ORNAMENT 8 story……..

…a live performance using this unusual sequencer together with the Lyra 8 and some modular instruments.

Explaining why the ORNAMENT 8 is an unusual sequencer isn’t easy. The main difference is that the ORNAMENT 8 works on time per step instead of BPM. SOMA Laboratory adds the description “organismic sequencer” which fits perfectly.

ORNAMENT-8 is an organismic sequencer, or in a broader sense, a synthesizer of behaviour. A unique feature of ORNAMENT is its fully horizontal modular structure that consists of eight equal and independent cells which are special delay lines. It’s in fact an analog computer with a temporal dimension, the behaviour of which is determined by patching and adjusting the temporal properties of each cell involved in the generation of the behaviour.


The ORNAMENT 8 is designed to use with the SOMA LYRA 8, PULSAR 23 in mind. Beside these inspiring SOMA instruments the sequencer has options to communicate with gear that has CV options. Via 4 “pulse converters” (combined with 3.5mm contact-minijack adapters) + 4 regular converters is it possible to change ORNAMENT 8 “CV’s & pulses” using regular modular cables.

Check the product page for all features (SONICrider has no strings attached to SOMA LABORATORY others then the fact that their gear is inspiring as h%ll).

To connect ORNAMENT 8 and LYRA 8 a special magnetic adapter is optional: by using the adapter it is possible playing the LYRA by hand and/or sequencer. To connect ORNAMENT 8 individual cells, the LYRA 8 or the outside world is done via cables set with alligator clips.

Both the ORNAMENT and LYRA asked to be explored where they often open new sequential and sonic territoriums. Arranging sound and music in time per step is something the brain has to adept – the more the brain gets used to that approach inspirations flows on another level.

A studio session integrating the ORNAMENT 8.

As a preparation for the live performance a SOMA ORNAMENT 8 “patch paper” seems to be useful, you can download the paper via the link below.

For live performance, streams and other SONICrider events have a look at FACEbook \0/

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