Meet & See “Painting with sound” | Open door day

Sunday November 12 2023 the door of ‘The Sound And vision Lab” is open for a “Meet & See”.

11 & 12 November there is a country wide atelier open door event, that Sunday Jurgen Winkel | SONICrider will be part of the “Landelijke Atelier Weekend”.

Please check the times just before you leave here.

After 20 years a new “SONICriderSTUDIO” mothership is ready. Since there is more going on as strictly the SONICriderSTUDIO the studio/atelier/office carries the name “The Sound And Vision Lab”. Happy to meet you there, the ‘See” part are snippets of “Painting with Sound”, Are you in?

Check “Landelijke Atelier Weekend” for all open door places, In Eindhoven there are several other ateliers open for a “meet & ………”:

–> Jule Jeurissen | paintings & more (own website:
–> Tattuljee | spatial Work – textile works – paintings – collages
–> Sylvia Sloots | ceramics – paintings (own website:
–> Mieke’s atelier | jewellery (own website:
–> Manon van den Hurk | paintings (own website:
–> Jan Peter Art | paintings – glas – spatial Work – video (own website:

Extra: and next is Glow 2023

“painting with sound”