Circle Of Rhythms

Rhythms (not strictly drums and/or percussion, also the rhythm in a melody line) are one of the main building blocks of music. Beside from natural rhythms that flow in time, arrangements are mostly build on “repetitive” rhythms, some are basic, others more complex combining different measures, some highly experimental.

the Circle Of Rhythms

Rhythms can evaluatie during a piece af music where Steve Reich’s ‘Drumming” is a fantastic example:

Modern producers often use one or a combinations of world rhythms used in many styles as backbone of a track. Some of those styles are:
– 4/4
– Rock
– Tresillo
– Hemiola
– 12/8 bell
– Clave 3 over 2 (Sol or Rumba)
– Clave 4 over 3
– Tha Dhi Go Na Thom
– The Charleston
– 2 on 4 beat

New drum “styles” often combine elements of existing styles (check the “Reggaeton” link and find out how it evolved from the Tresillo style).

Rhythms and loops are partners in crime, so putting a rhythm in a circle is a perfect visualization and way to create new beats. “The Circle Of Rhythms” is a free template to use and offers 16 (4/4) and/or 12 (3/4) steps to draw rhythms (or to get a grip on beats you hear).

Each circle represents a instrument (most common approach is, kick, snare, hats, percussion, etc from outside inwards). Variants often swap an instrument and instandly a whole new feel is born, dare to experiment.

The Circle Of Rhythms isn’t a new invention, this version is created to use in studio lessons in the SONICriderSTUDIO and combines some element (3/4 and 4/4). It seems to be an efficient way to bread down and/or create new rhythms/loops. Beside the circle there are options the write down de time signature and instrument per circle.

Like to use the “Circle Of Rhythms”, use the download option below and have fun creating new rhythms (intervals).