This Electronic Music Knowledge Base (EMKB) is a collection of guide lines for those who want to teach or learn to create electronic music as a producer, musician or DJ without any musical knowledge, narrowed down to electronic music.

These guidelines aren’t ment to be complete: they touch all subjects on a “you need to know” level and where applicable external links are given to get more in depth information.

The guidelines will grow along the road by adding new topics and replying on readers comments. Keep in mind, the guide lines aren’t complete electronic music guide lines, it’s to get you started & inspired.

Feel free to comment via the contact form.

The subjects of the guide lines will follow the road from an idea to performing divided into:

Arranging (published: June 6 2018 / updated June 7 2018): octaves, frequencies, scales, chords, chord progression, songstructure, BPM & more.

– Recording

– Mixing

– Mastering

– Distributing

– Publishing

– Marketing

– Performing

Note: the date behind each subject tells when that guide line is published or updated.