“So where were the spiders. While the fly tried to break our balls? With just the beer light to guide us. So we bitched about his fans. And should we crush his sweet hands?”         David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust Lyrics

Although this website holds almost everything you wonna know about SONICrider there are some other places worth visiting, listening music, supporting SONICrider, watching visuals or get connected.

Bandcamp (music, shop & support)

Youtube (official promo – visual art – tutorial – soundscapes)

Instagram (bits of music – travelling – gear)

Soundcloud (music – try outs – studio sessions – collaborations – free soundbites)

Facebook (info – updates – events)

Twitter (news – community talks – world wide music friends)

Instruments Make Play (festival & an international platform for musicians, builders and artists)

Radio (Jango online radio playing SONICrider & related music)

Hearthis (connecting with other artists; discovering underground music)

Vine (inactive archived video app)

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You can become a SONICrider patron as “supporter”, “inspirator” or “liberator” and each tier has nice benefits for you….

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