SONICrider (sweat)shirts

SONICrider added some merchandise at a new Dutch online shop, founded by a friend, musician and former I4-muzique owner.

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The Phonons “give rise to sound”

March 2019 Siem Nozza (Jameszoo) & Jurgen Winkel (SONICrider) met for the first time in the SONICriderSTUDIO talking about a collaboration. Since that moment 2 studio recordings and a live performance at Modulab Eindhoven “GIFT” event are history. About Phonons:  phonon comes from the Greek word “phonē”, which means sound or voice because long-wavelength phonons give rise to sound. …

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Modular404 released Timelessness

A new Belgium strictly modular label Modular404 released (last summer) Timelessness by SONICrider.

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Release date “Naked” July 20 2018

Naked will be the second SONICrider release by Melting Clock Records part of Pink Dolphin Music Ltd Naked is an experimental dance track with nightly vibes.

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Loudness War and LUFS

SONICriderSTUDIO supports the Loudness War: so the master you received from SONICriderSTUDIO (or any other mastering studio) “doesn’t sound loud”, don’t worry, be happy! The master you received is processed according to the new LUFS standard.

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LSDice “Davizion meets SONICrider”

When you add ambient – techno – experimental sounds made by 2 MC 505’s – modular synths & other hardware you get LSDice.

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B1i2T “the beauty of 12 bit sound”

THE B1i2T SOUND by SONICrider “THE B1i2T SOUND” collection is a free WAV collection of sounds sampled with the AKAI X7000. Inputs (sound generator, microphone or live instrument) royalty free created by SONICrider.

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Free Flow released

Free Flow “Free from the pain, FREE…..” An experimental electronic danceable track seducing you to “Free Flow” and experience the beauty of life instead of feeling the “pain of nowadays world”. #PLUR

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New website

Designing a new website sounds a bit old fashion; due to the way social media platforms acts in showing and sharing information a website becomes important again. As an artist having control over what, when & whom get informed about new releases, events and other news is important.

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