The Sound & Vision Lab is a collection of services that Jurgen Winkel offers using the SONICrider equipment.

Sound: creating sounds for producers, artists, filmmakers, theater & dance productions, radio. Sound can be as pure as its meaning “sound” or complete arrangements: from experimental to more song-based compositions.

Vision: creating visuals for artist, exhibitions, festivals, theater & dance productions (eventually supported with sound/music). A visual production can be in a VDMX format (multi projector output).

LAB: for producers/musicians who wants to create their own sound(s) (rather than using presets or sample packs). In the SONICriderSTUDIO all instruments are available to work on own unique sounds (that are exclusive), record them and transform them in the desired format.

Shop: soon SONICrider opens The Sound & Vision Lab Shop where you can purchase Ableton Templates for creating, arranging, mixing and mastering music. At this moment the first templates are out there for testing.

The Lab is also a coachings environment for (young) electronic music producers/musician that want to develop their style and musical skills.

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